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It is very interesting in some sections of the state to note the reformation advocated by the brewers. Thy say restrictions should be put upon the saloon. They even would observe the laws more rigidly. They would have the saloon business washed and made more respectable. But all this talk has come on a "slow freight" and too late to satisfy a dissatisfied public. The only way to destroy an enemy is to destroy him. The saloon is the enemy of every American home. We are now thinking of an institution, and not the individual. We are frank to say there are men now engaged in the business, who are today on our list of friends, and against them or others so employed, we wage no war. We aim only at the institution they represent. This reform wave among the liquor men is only an evidence of general alarm in their midst. They are awake to the situation, but have "woke up" too late. The storm cloud of opposition is growing larger and blacker, and soon will break in all its fury, sweeping forever from our shores the legalized American saloon.

An Atlanta girl says she wouldn't give a snap of her finger "for a kiss unseasoned by a mustache." Thats a fair warning to the young ment of that town. If they ain't got no whiskers, the need't come around.

On the train coming into town from Boyne Falls this morning I met a man who told me another man told him that his boy knew a boy whose father told him their nearest neighbor had related to the milkman that he had seen the first robin this spring. 'Rah for spring!


Having opened a Justice's Office in the City Hall to accommodate the public who may desire my services in matters pertaining to that office, and in drafting legal papers of all kinds, I can also attend to the sale and rental of property.

Any one having for sale or rent, houses and lots, can list them with me and receive courteous and prompt service. Collections also promptly attended to.

                Elisha H. Shepard
                Justice of the Peace

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Oil At Mancelona

Despite an effort to maintain secrecy the fact has leaked out that oil has been discovered near Mancelona and those who know about it are excited over the prospects of what this means to Mancelona.

The discovery came in a peculiar way. On a farm a few miles from the village, a driven well was sunk about 150 feet. There was nothing doing in the line of water and the well was left uncapped. Some time ago, gas was noticed coming from the pipe but not much attention was paid to it, but now that oil has been discovered on the surface of pools of water in the vicinity, it was believed that it was worth while to develop the well.

The owner of the farm stated that a $50,000 company will be formed probably of Mancelona people and if not, by outside interests, ant the territority developed.

Homeseeker's Excursion

Traverse City will be visited by hundreds of homeseekers this spring, no doubt, if people of the southern part of the state and the northern part of Indiana take advantage of the Homeseekers' excursions. The G. R. & I. will run Homeseeker's excursions from all points between Sturgis, Mich., and Richmond, Ind., the excursions to run on March 23, April 6, April 20, and May 4 and 18.

In vew of the on-coming City Election I hereby take pleasure, by advice of several friends in announcing my self a candidate for the office of City Treasurer. I sincerely ask the aid, so far as may be, of any and all who feel that they can cheerfully support me in this effort.

                Very Sincerely,
                F. M. Chase.

To Patrons of Rural Routes

By special arrangement the Citizen is enables to offer you the Grand Rapids Evening Press for one year, and a beautiful picture, entitled "A Yard of Roses" all for $2.50. The picture is 36 inches long, 12 inches wide, and is a magnificent production of roses in colors, and ordinarily sells for 50 cents.

To those already taking the Citizen this combination will be furnished, for $1.50 and an amount sufficient to pay their subscription one year in advance.

This offer is to mail subscribers on rural routes only, and no subscription to be for less than a full year.

--Dr. Hess Stock Food at the Farmer's store 321 S. Lake street. When looking for Dr. Hess call here.

Died Suddenly

Mrs Hugh Henry, age 17m died at Rapid City last Thursday, after an illness of 48 hours with accout bowel trouble. Mr. and Mrs. Henry has been married six weeks. The burial took place Sunday.

Selling Liquor to Minors

There have been a number of violations against the liquor laws it is said in regard to selling liquors to minors at Mancelona and also to persons whom the saloon keepers have been warned about selling to. An investigation will be started and the offenders prosecuted, The investigation is the result of a carousal alleged to have been indulged in by several young people where firewater played the leading part.

May Lose Hand

Robert Anderson may lose his right hand as the result of a fistic encounter at Bellaire. In a scrap, he struck another man in the mouth cutting his fingers slightly on his teeth. No attention was paid to the injury and now blood poisoning has developed and it is almost certain that Anderson will have to have his hand amputated to save his life.

County Normal Notes

Wednesday morning word was received from Mr. Steele of Advance, stating that Miss Geiken was ill and unable to continue teaching. Clare Finucan was driven over to Advance in the afternoon, by her father to act as substitute teacher.

Florence Sheldon was unable to return to school last week on account of illness.

The work in history, physiology and geography is under way. The class are very much interested in the discussion of the formation of the earth.

--Emery wheel and gummer for saws, also grind stone, in operation at D. P. Chase's shop at 359 Lake street corner of Vogel. Bring in any kind of tool and we will sharpen it. Skates sharpened.


On or after April 1 the scale of wages of Carpenters local union, No. 205, will be 30 cents per hour.

                H. M. Harrington
                Rec. Sec

Seriously Injured

Henry Smith, formerly of Mancelona, was seriously injured while working near East Jordan. He was decking logs and a swamp hook slipped catching him in the leg. Sixteen stitches were necessary to sew up the wound.

Alexander Captured

Shoe packs, coupled with Sheriff Kittle's excellent description proved the undoing of Charles Alexander, who broke jail at Bellaire some time ogo, and was brought back last Thursday. Alexander, throught the evidence of a friend, came nearly escaping the officers at Cadillac, where he was captured, but the description given by the sheriff and the means of identification were too complete.

Rebekah Program
Interesting Program at the Odd Fellows Temple, Wednesday

The following is the program for the literary and musical entertainment to be given at the Odd Fellows Temple by the Rebekahs on Wednesday evening March 3. An admission of 10 cents will be charged:

Music . . . . . . . . . . . The Band
Address . . . . . . . . . . Elder Rea
Piano Duet . Freida and Monecia Hays
Recitation . . . . . Greturde Pratt
Piano Solo . . . . . . . Mrs. Demers
Recitation . . . . Miss Irene Boice
Violin Solo . . . . . . . Edwin Lewis
Vocal Duet . . Miss Coffin and Snyder
Music . . . . . . . . . . . . . Band
Recitation . . . . . . . Mrs. Myers
Vocal Solo . . . . . . Hazel Capelin
Piano Duet . Miss Capelin and Beeman
Vocal Solo . . . . Miss Lena Turner
Recitation . . . . . . . H. E. Bell
Piano Solo . . . . . . Miss Hughson
Music . . . . . . . . . . . . . Band